​2018 Tax Preparation Rates​

From basic to complex, for many types of taxpayers, including individuals and the self-employed, we provide service year-round. Four generations of referrals have trusted Annette Douglas to deliver professional, accurate tax filing.

Exceptional Service

It is becoming more and more routine that the Canada Revenue Agency requests copies of receipts and documents to support your claim for deductions and credits. With more than 82% of taxpayers now filing their tax returns electronically, and no paperwork is mailed in to them, CRA wishes to maintain the integrity of the Efile system.  If you receive a letter from CRA, requesting documents such as medical receipts, our office is now able to send your receipts through the secure agent portal, on your behalf.

These receipts or documents include RRSP contributions,Tuition (T2202), Senior Transit Passes and much more.  Representation to CRA, sometimes required through the year, is included, for up to one hour.  Hourly rate of $75 applies after that.

Late Filing for All Years

Requesting missing documents, organizing receipts, preparing and filing late returns can be done year-round.


Final Returns (T1) and Estate Returns (T3) are prepared and filed throughout the year.

Clearance Certificate Requests are made, as well.

Services and Prices

Note: Annette retains the right to charge an appropriate fee for work performed.

Your Situation
Type of Service 

The scanning of deduction and credit receipts and off-season representation, in the event CRA requests documents.

Note: There is a limit of representation up to one hour of my time.

$7 per person

Student -

College or University

  • T4
  • T2202 (full time) 


Only if in school FT at year-end

Basic Return

(per person)

  • EI
  • Any of the following, upto 4 receipts
    • T4
    • CPP
    • OAS
    • T4A
  • Up to 4 donation receipts or minimal medical receipts
  • Up to 4 RRSP contribution slips
Intermediate to Complex
  • T4's
  • T3's
  • T5's
  • Pension slips
  • Children's fitness or arts
  • Donations
  • Medical receipts
  • Transit passes
  • Support payments
  • UCCB
  • Transit passes
  • Pension income splitting
  • Capital gains or losses
  • Tuition transfer from dependent

$89 Base


Quote for all of these or others that apply to you

  • Moving expenses

Your level



  • Employment expenses

Your level



Sole Proprietor
  • T2125

Your level


$361 and up

HST Return
  • Quarterly - Tracking and filing

Starting from


  • Semi-annual tracking

Starting from


  • Annual - Tracking and filing
Starting from $500